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Adding Beauty and Function to a Backyard

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This client had an unusable backyard. It was muddy and they had dogs which only exacerbated the problem. They wanted options for entertaining and enjoying their outdoor space. We transformed their backyard by adding a bluestone patio that is great for dining and entertaining. We also installed a retaining wall that allows the upper part of the yard to be more level and the lower part of the yard completely level. Beautiful stone steps allow the homeowner to easily access the upper part of the yard and the landscape lighting really makes the space pop at night. We installed a very natural looking fire pit in the top corner of the yard with some Adirondack chairs around it. Lastly, we built a trash can enclosure in the front of their house to store the trash cans so neither the client nor the neighbors have to see the cans from the street. This client is ecstatic with the result of our transformation and is allowing them to enjoy the outdoors like they want.

Erosion Solutions

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Erosion can cause all sorts of problems, especially to landscaping. It is something we take very seriously and into consideration on each project we work on for a customer. A customer in Atlanta reached out to us in 2020 to provide a solution to her erosion problems. She was looking to create a space for some irises she had inherited from a family member. She also wanted a space that was going to be friendly to pollinators. Sustainability was the key. And erosion is an enemy to sustainability. We set to work, making sure that the sloping was corrected and that future water damage would be mitigated. What initially started as a way to bring a sustainable space turned into a whole new backspace that had a new energy and feel to it. We really enjoyed the end-result on this project because when you set a yard up for success and sustainability, we feel that’s doing our part for not only the homeowner, but also the environment.

Backyard Transformation

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Some of the projects we enjoy working on the most involve transforming a backyard from a yard with”potential” into a yard that becomes a go-to place for family and friends. To be a part of that transition is truly one of the great joys of what we get to do. We worked with a family in 2018 and 2019 as part of a transformation project, and it was a great experience. We installed a patio, pergola, seat wall, wood-burning firepit, and rear-entranceway. We followed that up with a new sod and landscaping installation the following Spring. 

The backyard took on new meaning for the family and it is almost as if they have added an extension onto the back of their house. The backyard is more functional and a joy to be in. 

We were happy to be chosen for this special project. We take pride in transforming backyards into something that will bring such enjoyment.

Outdoor Wood Fire Pizza Oven

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This outdoor living project in Vinings was a two stage project. The first part was an installation of a rectangular fire pit. We built it out of mortared flagstone and raised it about 3 feet off of the ground. This makes it both functional for heat purposes and also aesthetically pleasing when they are outside or in the pool they can enjoy the sight lines of the fire.

Rectangular Fire Pit

We also installed an enclosure for a refrigerator with granite counter tops to make a great outdoor bar by the existing swimming pool.

Outdoor Bar with Refrigerator

Outdoor Bar with Granite Countertop

The second phase of the project was a custom pizza oven. The pizza oven was constructed out of stone with a flagstone roof to blend in with the flooring. We built storage for the wood and a custom chimney. This client now has a gorgeous place to sit around his pool and bake homemade pizza and enjoy their outdoor living space.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

New Patio

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A new patio was in order for a home in Buford, so we designed and installed the new outdoor living space with brick pavers. The preparation for a paver patio is the most crucial part of the job. The ground must be level so that the pavers are also level. Any mistakes in the preparation can ruin the outcome of the patio.

New Patio Construction

New Patio Foundation

We used plaza pavers Mocha color by Pavestone and we sealed them in place with polymeric sand which helps bind the pavers together. We built a small retaining wall out of Anchor Diamond block to ensure the levelness of patio.

New Brick Paver Patio

New Patio Installed

This customer now has an extension off of their screened in porch so they can enjoy the sunlight.

Roswell Backyard Renewal

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This enhancement in Roswell has really changed the entire look and functionality of the backyard. It went from your basic sod and shrub backyard to a show place.

Backyard Landscape

Backyard Landscape Construction

We added a custom waterfall that breaks up the large retaining wall in the back. This provides both visual and auditory enjoyment and it is centered off the back bay window so it can be enjoyed from inside the house as well. There is also a small river that runs through the yard.

Backyard Waterfall

In addition to that we built a patio with a sunken fire pit and a seat wall. The fire pit is below ground and we used fire glass inside of it so now when it is lit, the flames seem to appear out of nowhere.

Sunken Fire Pit

We accented it all with landscape lighting included in the water fall and the river to highlight the water at night.

Fire Pit Patio

We also added some path lights which adds to the overall ambiance and enjoyment of the landscape.

New Backyard Hardscapes in East Atlanta

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This residence in East Atlanta wanted to redo certain aspects of the backyard to enhance the usability of the outdoor space. We started by renovating an existing deck. (BEFORE)

All of the old wood was removed and replaced with new wood.

The railing was replaced all the way around the deck and the pickets were replaced with aluminum instead of cedar. This really adds a beautiful finishing touch and enhances the quality of the structure.

The old stairs were very steep and difficult to maneuver. We replaced them with new steps the lengthened the run which eliminated the steepness of the old steps.

In addition to the deck work, we added a flagstone patio, fire pit and a seat wall. The flagstone we used is a Tennessee variety that creates visual interest as no two stones are alike. We chose 3 inch stones which will ensure the durability and longevity of the patio.

The wall encloses one side of the fire pit which defines the space while providing instant seating and beautiful texture. Another added feature is cap lights inset under the capstone of the seat wall. The cap lights add beautiful accent lighting to the patio which compliments the light when there is a fire but also when there is no fire going it allows the customer to enjoy the patio on its own. Finally, we included a feature that is unique but becoming more popular, the sunken fire pit. Pictured here, the fire pit is sunken in the ground as opposed to above ground sitting on the patio.

This provides complete visibility and enjoyment of the fire while not obstructing the view of the fire with an enclosure.

Beautiful Challenge in Roswell

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Roswell/Brookfield West

This project was a challenging one. The house is on a golf course and the access was very difficult. The customer wanted to make an unusable backyard into an area they could enjoy as a family. The first part was gaining access from the house to the lower part of the yard. We achieved this by installing crab orchard steppers down the slope so there would be easier access.

Roswell/Brookfield West

We also added a flagstone patio with a sunken fire pit. We wanted to keep the natural look so we did not mortar the patio in place. Instead we set the stone in the ground and accented it dwarf mondo grass.

Roswell/Brookfield West

The sunken fire pit provides a unique look when in use, it looks like fire is rising from the ground. The customer really loves this feature. We finished off the project by adding dyed brown hardwood mulch and some shade loving plants to the surrounding area.

Roswell/Brookfield West

Beautiful Multifunctional Renovation

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This project in Avondale Estates was an all-encompassing renovation. Before we started, the backyard was unusable woods. The kids had no place to play and the outdoor entertainment space was non existent. After one of our designers went to survey the property, Personal Touch came up with a design to make the entire backyard more user friendly.

We tiered the backyard and added boulder walls to hold each tier in place. This creates dimension in the landscape but also reduces erosion.

We added large areas of zoysia (a tough grass that is both beautiful and extremely durable) for the kids to play.

We added two custom bridges to cross over a dry creek bed. The customer had a natural flow of water through their property and we beautified it by adding a dry creek bed. These bridges were designed by PTLC and handcrafted by a local vendor.

In addition to the sod, we added an Arizona flagstone patio with a seat wall and a fire pit. This unique color added an extra splash in the yard that can be enjoyed year round. The fire pit will provide a warmth, beauty and a beautiful space to entertain on a cool winter’s night.

Maximizing Outdoor Space

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This Lawrenceville homeowner wanted to maximize their outdoor space, especially for entertaining. They hired Personal Touch to design and install an outdoor living area.

We installed a blue stone patio and a fieldstone block wall with recessed mortar, both add a very elegant look to the wall. The contrast offers texture and color variance while the seat wall offers functionality.

For year round enjoyment, we added an outdoor fire pit that is fueled by gas so that the client can have instant fire without the hassle of building one from scratch.

Our in house stone masons are an integral part of how we provide our customers with unique and quality made features. The craftsmanship of the stone work is especially evident in the grill housing that includes built ins for tools and warming.

By offering space for seating and plenty of room where the customer has added dining furniture and a beautiful pergola that offers shade and architectural interest the overall usability of the backyard has increased immeasurably.

Check out all of the before and after photos in the our projects: