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Maximizing Outdoor Space

By August 12, 2016October 14th, 2019Uncategorized

This Lawrenceville homeowner wanted to maximize their outdoor space, especially for entertaining. They hired Personal Touch to design and install an outdoor living area.

We installed a blue stone patio and a fieldstone block wall with recessed mortar, both add a very elegant look to the wall. The contrast offers texture and color variance while the seat wall offers functionality.

For year round enjoyment, we added an outdoor fire pit that is fueled by gas so that the client can have instant fire without the hassle of building one from scratch.

Our in house stone masons are an integral part of how we provide our customers with unique and quality made features. The craftsmanship of the stone work is especially evident in the grill housing that includes built ins for tools and warming.

By offering space for seating and plenty of room where the customer has added dining furniture and a beautiful pergola that offers shade and architectural interest the overall usability of the backyard has increased immeasurably.

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