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Erosion Solutions

By May 1, 2020January 29th, 2021Uncategorized

Erosion can cause all sorts of problems, especially to landscaping. It is something we take very seriously and into consideration on each project we work on for a customer. A customer in Atlanta reached out to us in 2020 to provide a solution to her erosion problems. She was looking to create a space for some irises she had inherited from a family member. She also wanted a space that was going to be friendly to pollinators. Sustainability was the key. And erosion is an enemy to sustainability. We set to work, making sure that the sloping was corrected and that future water damage would be mitigated. What initially started as a way to bring a sustainable space turned into a whole new backspace that had a new energy and feel to it. We really enjoyed the end-result on this project because when you set a yard up for success and sustainability, we feel that’s doing our part for not only the homeowner, but also the environment.