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Neighborhood Entrance Renovation

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Recently, we were asked to redesign and renovate an entrance for a well established neighborhood in the Sandy Springs area (north of Atlanta). Check out what our customer had to say:

What do you do when you have a gated community of million dollar homes, but the landscaping along your front entrance looks like it belongs to a rundown fast food joint? You call your contracted landscaping company and tell them they have the freedom to use their imaginations to remove, re-design, and renovate.

So what happens when THAT landscaping company spends the next two years spending tens of thousands of dollars and basically shows no passion, no imagination and no desire to update your neighborhood’s entrance?

Well you fire that company, and hire the great folks at Personal Touch Lawn Care.

I met PTLC President Ricky O’Connell more then 20-years ago. I was one of his first customers and since 1995, he and his fabulous staff have served my landscaping, hardscape, irrigation and outdoor lighting needs.

As President of the Sentinel Ferry on the River Homeowners Association, I hired Personal Touch Lawn Care to take over the project at our front entrance. The previous company had failed to bring a vision of design and beauty that we needed to highlight our great neighborhood and Ricky and his team didn’t fail to amaze. We worked within a budget, but knew we had to invest since it had been nearly 17-years since any money had been spent on the area. Ricky and his team also worked within our budget and came up with an amazing combinations of flowers, shrubbery and trees that would provide beauty and brilliant colors all year long.

The plan also included renovation of our existing irrigation and landscape lighting and to top it all off, we added a large water feature that really highlighted our entrance and provided a “WOW” look for anyone coming to our gates.

The impact from the renovations have been immediate. Every homeowner has provided compliments and amazement at the transformation and now take great pride whenever they drive in to the neighborhood. In addition, we have had three home sales in three months when there had been 2 in the past two years.

I feel that updating your landscaping is always a good investment and you couldn’t make a better choice then trusting Ricky O’Connell and the team of Personal Touch Lawn Care.

Mark E. Feinberg, President, Sentinel Ferry HOA

Here are a few of the before and after photos:

Make sure to check out the complete project on our in our Projects section:

Brookhaven Beauty

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This job recently completed for the Phillips/Prato family was an exciting one for Personal Touch. They have a lovely home in Brookhaven with a beautiful existing landscape that included a bluestone patio and an outdoor fireplace.

Personal Touch Lawn Care Backyard Beauty with a bluestone patio and outdoor fireplace

They wanted to take it to the next level. Entertaining is very important to them and they wanted to expand their entertainment area. Personal Touch was hired to first do a design that would best meet their goals. Steve Adams, our landscape designer, came up with a brilliant design that not only met all of their goals but also added beauty and functionality to the landscape.

Brookhaven Georgia Personal Touch Lawn Care Outdoor Entertaining Space

Brookhaven Georgia Beauty Personal Touch Lawn Care Finished Outdoor Entertaining Space

We expanded the existing bluestone patio to add useable entertaining space. We also added a brick seat wall to add additional seating and to set off the patio from the rest of the landscape.

Personal Touch Lawn Care Brookhaven Beauty Atlanta Georgia Building Brick Seating Wall

Brookhaven Georgia Outdoor Space Finished Brick Seat Wall with Bluestone Patio by Personal Touch Lawn Care

To expand the space even further and add another texture, we added an additional patio in the middle of the backyard set in the turf. This adds a nice accent and the turf in the joints adds a different look than the traditional mortared joints.

Patio pavers set in turf for added texture in backyard entertaining space in Brookhaven Georgia by Personal Touch Lawn Care

Brookhaven Georgia Outdoor Space finished patio pavers for added texture in lawn by Personal Touch Lawn Care

In the back of the property we added another brick retaining wall and made a raised planting area. This turned an unusable space into a useable space by leveling out a steep slope. Some plant material was added for color and texture and to fill in an open space in the back of the property.

Retaining wall and raised plant bed in Brookhaven Georgia by Personal Touch Lawn Care

Finished raised garden bed with brick retaining wall in Brookhaven Georgia by Personal Touch Lawn Care

Overall when the project was completed the Phillips/Prato job enhanced their backyard by adding additional entertaining space and plant material to improve the overall beauty of the property. Check out all the completed photos on in our projects.