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Mar 31, 2016

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This customer in Dunwoody wanted to transform their backyard. They had recently put in a pool but were not satisfied with the surrounding landscape. We did a total transformation of the backyard.

One of the primary issues that we addressed for the customer was poor drainage that led to soil erosion. This erosion was making it difficult to grow anything.




To meet this challenge we did some extensive grating, installed boulder walls and a dry creek bed. We also created some raised beds. The boulder walls add stability while the dry creek bed is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Now, during heavy rain, water will drain off the property and when there is no rain the decorative creek rock add another texture to the landscape.





We installed a crushed slate patio where the client can enjoy their portable fire pit near the lake. It is also great for a sitting area or a picnic. The pergola with the swing were the customer's request. We custom built both and it really looks great!



We added a waterfall next to the steps to add some additional interest to the backyard. When you walk down the steps it is almost as if you are walking down the waterfall. This is another custom built addition. It is extremely low maintenance as the water is recirculation from a basin located underneath. The waterfall is both pleasing to look at as well as relaxing as you listen to the sounds of the water running down the rock.


Lastly, we installed landscape lighting so the property can be enjoyed day or night. We used a brand new system that can be programmed with your smart phone. There is an app that can adjust the brightness and the color of each individual light or the entire system. This adds a whole new dimension to landscape lighting. Colors can be added to reflect one’s mood or time of year or holiday season.

Personal Touch Tips:

Keep your landscape watered properly. 1 inch of water per week is a good gauge. Water less frequently but for longer durations so the water gets down to the root system.